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How the heck do I do this?

How is blogging done? What are the right things to say?

I have no idea. I’ve never done this before.

I’m not the first to ask this question. Nor is this the first time I’ve asked it.

Frequently, when I’ve encouraged others to blog, they’ve been as puzzled as me about exactly what it entails.

And, in the brief few months where I took to some pro blogging myself, I was astounded at how much time I spent writing without a clear goal.

The only thing I know is that, in essence, it can’t possibly be very different from the other writing forms I’ve mastered.

This link, from blogger Valeria Maltoni, titled Content Needs To Get Most of Your Attention, had a useful paragraph. Speaking about her blog, she said:

“Every image, every chart, every resource, and post are the result of careful research and thought. A dash of inspiration every now and then, and yes, we have some fun on Fridays, too.”

So, that’s a place to start when getting ready to publish an opinion on something: Research, research, research.

That’s nothing new, is it?

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