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MediaBugs: A network for crowd fact checkers

Ever find a mistake in the news? Did you report it and get the satisfaction of seeing it corrected? Wouldn’t it be great if you could look and see the errors other people report?

That’s the point of MediaBugs, a social network launched this week in San Francisco by former journalist Scott Rosenberg.

Effectively, MediaBugs is a system of crowd fact checking.

The Internet has already revolutionized the ability of readers to inform news providers of mistakes. And, it allows corrections to be made instantly. This by itself enhances journalism in comparison to the old, traditional, print media ways.

The interesting thing about MediaBugs is that it seeks to build a community around news in a unique way.

Also, it creates a transparent place where readers can participate in the process of creating news content, which has the great potential to improve (or maintain) the credibility of news organizations. (For the most fun is browsing corrected errors of the past, which don’t go away.)

Here an article by AFP detailing it:  MediaBugs, new website for reporting media error”

And the MediaBugs website

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